WEBINAR | Mindful Self-Regulation for COVID-19


In April 2020, as part of their response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the IMHAANZ FAN Training Team recorded and released a webinar on Mindful Self-Regulation for COVID-19.

At the time, they said, “We recognise this is a very unsettling time for both the general public and people who are trying to do their frontline/helping jobs. We have found the FAN (Facilitating Attuned Interactions) model to be an incredibly useful tool for facilitating the emotional calm required to connect (attune) and deliver important services in a meaningful way. Using mindful self-regulation for calming also has a down-regulating effect on our own bodies and brains which helps prevent burnout.”

The team decided to make this short (35 minute) webinar freely available to all those working in frontline/helping jobs – whether community-based or working from home. In it, they introduce both the FAN and Mindful Self-Regulation (MSR) – as well as providing some takeaway strategies for increasing the ability to be calm and connected.

The IMHAANZ FAN Training team consists of Denise Guy, Judy Hunter and Lucie Zwimpfer. They offer FAN training online and in-person in New Zealand and Australia. The FAN (Facilitating Attuned Interactions) model is a research-backed tool for building relationships and reflective practice. You can read more about it and IMHAANZ FAN Training here.

If you have any general enquiries about FAN Training, please contact [email protected]